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Company News 2017

Contract Farming Potatoes

This year we've expanded our operation with Walther Farms to 1000 acres of potatoes.

Grain storage and efficiency

Last year we increased our grain storage facility from 460,000 bushels to 500,000 bushels. We also added a new grain dryer, which has enabled us to save fuel and energy costs.

Our Farming Future

Irrigation Systems

All of GHF 102 irrigation systems are pivots, and they are electrically driven. We monitor our irrigation, by using Field Net software on laptops mobile and devices.

GPS systems

In 2004, Glenn Heard Farms first implemented the use of Trimble GPS systems on most of our tractors. Since then, these systems have allowed us to plant and harvest our crops more accurately and efficiently, giving us a greater seasonal yield.

Solar Energy

In 2012, with the cooperation of Georgia Power, GHF started using solar power to operate some of its' irrigation systems, which currently operates at 600kW capacity. A benefit of solar power is that all excess power generated by the solar energy can be sold back to the power company, therefore reducing overall costs and increasing our profits.

After implementing this energy efficient and cost saving system, we understand its' benefits and plan on incorporating more solar power systems in our future farming practices.